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The 4th Amendment: A Step-by-Step Guide to Search & Seizure Jurisprudence in S.C. 2nd Ed.
The 4th Amendment: A Step-by-Step Guide to Search & Seizure Jurisprudence in S.C. 2nd Ed. Quantity in Basket: None
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Melanie McCulley Yenovkian
Contributing Author and Editor Jeffrey K. Gurney

The Fourth Amendment, and its accompanying case law, is one of the most complex areas of law. Which law applies? Was it a search? Was it a seizure? Does an exception apply? These are just some of the many questions that arise when addressing search and seizure issues.

The Fourth Amendment: A Step-by-Step Guide to Search and Seizure Jurisprudence in South Carolina is a comprehensive, user-friendly guide to Fourth Amendment jurisprudence in South Carolina that walks the reader through the steps of search and seizure analysis. Written with the busy practitioner in mind, this heavily-annotated treatise is an essential tool to “grab and go” on the way to court. This book compiles and analyzes all applicable case law, statutes, and regulatory provisions, and its Table of Contents, Table of Authorities, Table of Cases, and Index put answers at your fingertips. Completely updated and revised since the First Edition, this book is the standard reference on all matters related to search and seizure in South Carolina. This is the companion work to Drug Litigation in South Carolina, also published by the South Carolina Bar.

Summary of Contents:
Chapter One: Where to Begin? Constitutional and Statutory Provisions
Chapter Two: Does the Fourth Amendment Apply?
Chapter Three: Is the Search Warrant Valid?
Chapter Four: Was the Arrest Lawful?
Chapter Five: Did the Warrantless Search or Seizure Fall into an Exception to the Warrant Requirement?
Chapter Six: Should the Evidence Be Suppressed?
Table of Cases and Authorities

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