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South Carolina Equity: A Practitioner's Guide
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Randolph R. Lowell; Robert L. Reibold; Shealy Boland Reibold
© 2010

From the history of equity jurisprudence in South Carolina to present day procedure, South Carolina Equity: A Practitioner’s Guide comprehensively discusses equity practice in South Carolina courts and details over thirty-five commonly used equitable maxims, causes of actions, and defenses. Chapters are alphabetically organized and thoroughly annotated so that this book is a handy, easy-to-use guide for the South Carolina lawyer. Some of the maxims, claims, and defenses detailed in the book are:

Summary of Contents:

* Accounting
* Cancellation of Instruments
* Constructive and Resulting Trusts
* Dissolution of a Corporation
* Equitable Estoppel
* Equity Follows the Law
* Equitable Indemnity
* Equity Is Equality
* Equitable Tolling
* Fraudulent Transfer
* He Who Seeks Equity Must Do Equity
* Injunctions
* In Pari Delicto
* Laches
* Partition
* Quantum Meruit
* Quiet Title
* Rescission of Contract
* Shareholder Derivative Actions
* Specific Performance
* Unclean Hands

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