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South Carolina Civil Procedure, Third Edition with 2011-2014 Supplement
South Carolina Civil Procedure, Third Edition with 2011-2014 Supplement Quantity in Basket: None
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Professor James Flanagan
Oliver Ellsworth Professor of Federal Practice, Emeritus
©2010 and 2014

South Carolina Civil Procedure by Professor James Flanagan, is the standard reference work on the South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure. The book follows the format of the civil procedure rules, with analysis, commentary and case authority on each civil rule, as well as other important topics in procedure such as service of process, the right to jury, and post-trial motions. Separate chapters cover South Carolina's case law and statutes on personal and subject matter jurisdiction, venue and res judicata.

The Third Edition updates the case authority and commentary on all the rules and procedural developments since the last edition and supplement in 1999. New for the Third Edition, each book purchase comes with the full text of the book on a searchable CD.

The 2011-2014 Supplement to South Carolina Civil Procedure, Third Edition, includes the significant cases decided after January 1, 2011, the date the main volume was completed and April 15, 2014, the date of this supplement. There is additional material on recent amendments to the civil rules, including the provisions for electronic discovery promulgated in 2011, the amendment to Rule 4 authorizing service of process by commercial delivery services adopted in 2013, and amendments to several rules adopted this year in anticipation of the introduction of an electronic filing system. The Supplement follows the format of the main volume with cases and materials citing the chapter and page of the original volume so that all materials are placed in the context of the discussion in the original volume. The purchase of the 2011-2014 Supplement will also include a new CD. The CD contains the entire text of the Third Edition and the text of the 2011-2014 Supplement.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Scope of the Rules
Chapter 2: One Form of Action
Chapter 3: Commencement of the Action
Chapter 4: Service of Process
Chapter 5: Service and Filing of Pleadings and Other Papers
Chapter 6: Time
Chapter 7: Pleadings and Motions
Chapter 8: Pleadings
Chapter 9: Pleading Special Matters
Chapter 10: Form of Pleadings
Chapter 11: Signing of Pleadings; Attorneys
Chapter 12: Defenses and Objections: When and How Presented
Chapter 13: Counterclaims and Cross-Claims and Third Party Claims
Chapter 14: Third Party Practice
Chapter 15: Amendments and Supplemental Pleadings
Chapter 16: Pre-Trial Conference
Chapter 17: Real Party in Interest
Chapter 18: Joinder of Claims and Remedies
Chapter 19: Parties Needed for a Just Adjudication
Chapter 20: Joinder of Parties
Chapter 21: Misjoinder and Non-Joinder of Parties
Chapter 22: Interpleader
Chapter 23: Class Actions
Chapter 24: Intervention
Chapter 25: Substitution of Parties
Chapter 26: Discovery
Chapter 27: Depositions Before Action or Pending Appeal
Chapter 28: Persons Before Whom Depositions May be Taken; Depositions in Out-of-State Actions
Chapter 29: Stipulations Regarding Discovery
Chapter 30: Depositions Upon Oral Examination
Chapter 31: Depositions Upon Written Questions
Chapter 32: Use of Depositions at Trial
Chapter 33: Interrogatories
Chapter 34: Production of Documents and Tangible Things and Entry Upon Land for Inspection and Other Purposes
Chapter 35: Physical and Mental Examinations
Chapter 36: Requests to Admit
Chapter 37: Failure to Make or Cooperate in Discovery; Sanctions
Chapter 38: Jury Trial of Right
Chapter 39: Trial by Jury or the Court
Chapter 40: General Docket, Trial Rosters, and Call of Cases for Trial
Chapter 41: Dismissal of Actions; Non-Suit
Chapter 41.1: Sealing Documents and Settlement Agreements
Chapter 42: Consolidation; Separate Trials
Chapter 43: Evidence; Conduct of Trial
Chapter 44: Proof of Official Board
Chapter 45: Subpoenas
Chapter 46: Exceptions Unnecessary
Chapter 47: Jurors
Chapter 48: Juries of Less Than Twelve; Majority Verdict
Chapter 49: Special Verdicts and Interrogatories
Chapter 50: Motion for Directed Verdict and for Judgment Notwithstanding the Verdict
Chapter 51: Instructions
Chapter 52: Findings of Fact By the Court
Chapter 53: Masters
Chapter 54: Judgment
Chapter 55: Default
Chapter 56: Summary Judgment
Chapter 57: Declaratory Judgment
Chapter 58: Entry of Judgment
Chapter 59: New Trials; Amendments of Judgments
Chapter 60: Relief from Judgment or Order
Chapter 61: Harmless Error
Chapter 62: Stay of Proceedings to Enforce a Judgment
Chapter 63: Disability of a Judge
Chapter 64: Remedies for Seizure Remedies Not Provided
Chapter 65: Injunctions; Mandamus, Habeas Corpus, and Other Remedial Writs
Chapter 66: Receivers
Chapter 67: Deposit in Court
Chapter 68: Offer of Judgment
Chapter 69: Execution
Chapter 70: Judgment for Specific Acts; Vesting Title
Chapter 71: Foreclosure and Partition
Chapter 71.1: Post-Conviction Relief Actions
Chapter 72: Judgments and Orders Subject to Appeal
Chapter 73: Procedure on Appeal to the Supreme Court or Court of Appeals
Chapter 74: Procedure on Appeal to the Circuit Court
Chapter 75: Record on Appeal to the Circuit Court; Transmittal
Chapter 76: Arbitration; Auto Reparation
Chapter 77: Courts and Clerks
Chapter 78: Clerks of Court; Records, Abstracts, Books
Chapter 79: Calendar of Civil Actions; File Book
Chapter 80: Stenographic Report of Transcript as Evidence
Chapter 81: Applicability
Chapter 82: Jurisdiction and Venue
Chapter 83: Rule 83 (Reserved)
Chapter 84: Forms
Chapter 85: Title; Criminal Procedure; Rules Repealed
Chapter 86: Effective Date
Chapter 87: Subject Matter Jurisdiction
Chapter 88: Personal Jurisdiction Over Persons and Property
Chapter 89: Venue
Chapter 90: Res Judicata

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