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South Carolina Drug Case Tool Kit, Second Edition
South Carolina Drug Case Tool Kit, Second Edition Quantity in Basket: None
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Ronnie M. Cole, John D. Newkirk, Michael O. Hallman

The South Carolina Drug Case Tool Kit, Second Edition serves as a “go to” guide for criminal law practitioners, assisting both the prosecution and defense. The Drug Case Tool Kit, Second Edition was designed to help attorneys in this practice area strengthen their skills and learn what to look for in handling drug cases in South Carolina. This is a short concise manual with an easy-to-use tabbing system so that you can quickly and easily locate your area of interest.

The Second Edition of the Tool Kit includes 4 new sections (synthetic marijuana/bath salts, drug weight, drugs and hotels, and drug offense enhancements) with 18 separate sections total. Book sections outline areas such as drug analysis, methamphetamines, search and seizure (included are lesson plans for law enforcement officers from the Criminal Justice Academy), drug indicators and places of concealment (person and vehicle), Ten Codes, a sample of direct and cross examination from a case involving a drug dog, K9 certification standards, sample radio call logs, completely updated drug penalties, and chain of custody. Also included are three checklists: a discovery checklist, a voir dire checklist, and a jury checklist.

Summary of Contents:

  • Radio Tapes and Logs
  • Ten Codes
  • Places of Drug Concealment
  • Synthetic Marijuana/Bath Salts
  • Methamphetamines
  • Search and Seizure
  • Forensic Evidence
  • Discovery Checklist
  • Chain of Custody
  • Voir Dire Checklist
  • Sample Direct Examination - Chemist
  • Direct/Cross Examination - Drug Dog
  • Drug Weight
  • Drugs and Hotels
  • Drug Penalties
  • Drug Offense Enhancements
  • Conditional Discharge
  • Jury Charge Checklist
  • References

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