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The South Carolina Law of Torts, Fourth Edition
The South Carolina Law of Torts, Fourth Edition Quantity in Basket: None
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Professor F. Patrick Hubbard
Professor Robert L. Felix


South Carolina Law of Torts has been the standard torts reference for the South Carolina Bench and Bar since 1990. The Fourth Edition has been substantially revised by Professors Hubbard and Felix and contains not only recent changes in the law, but also new textual analysis to provide a more extensive and up-to-date reference. The Fourth Edition is comprehensive in scope, covering everything from policies behind tort law to causes of action, defenses, damages and the allocation of liability. It is meticulously researched, thoroughly cross-referenced, heavily annotated, and logically organized. The Fourth Edition includes research current through June 30, 2011.

Already own the South Carolina Law of Torts, Fourth Edition? Then you need to purchase the 2014 Supplement; please click here for the Supplement.

Please note that on page 114 of the main text, note 380 cites a law review survey note by McWilliams, Jr. This cite is incorrect. The cite states 59 S.C. L. Rev. 33 (2008). The correct cite is 59 S.C. L. Rev. 633 (2008).

Please note that on page 453 and in footnote 72 of the main text the statute of limitations for assault and battery is listed as two years. This is incorrect. Under Section 15-3-530 the statute of limitations for assault and battery was changed to three years.

Summary of Contents
Introduction: The Subject Matter, Policies, and Process of Tort Law
Negligence and Similar Breaches of Duty
Strict Liability
Products Liability
Harm to Economics Interests: Fraud, Other Misrepresentation, Interference with Economic Relationships, and Civil Conspiracy
Intentional Torts
Interference with Reputation, Privacy, and Family Relationships
Wrongful Death and Survival Actions
Allocating Liability

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