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Family Law
Code Name Image Price    
736 Child Support: Representing the Non-Custodial Parent   $40.00
210EA Equitable Apportionment Worksheet, Version 3.6   $150.00
455 Lawyers’ Valuations and Accounting Desk Book   $45.00
691and691S Marital Litigation in SC, Substantive Law, Fourth Edition, with 2012 Supplement   $150.00
691S Marital Litigation in S.C. Substantive Law, 2012 Supplement (to the Fourth Edition)   $25.00
420 Marriage & Divorce Law in South Carolina A Layperson's Guide, Third Edition   $25.00
742 SC Adoption Law and Practice: A Guide for Attorneys, Certified Investigators, and Families   $70.00
617 South Carolina Family Court Handbook, 2013   $95.00
250 Substantive Law of Child Custody, 2nd Edition   $115.00
210A Traxler's Alimony Calculator 2014, Version 1.0 (New Users)   $375.00
210AE Traxler's Alimony Calculator 2014, Version 1.0 (For Existing Users)   $225.00
210CS Traxler’s Child Support Calculator 2014, Version 1.01   $150.00
210C3 Traxler’s Combination Package (2014 Child Support, 2014 Alimony and 2006 Equitable Apportionment)   $600.00
210CSA Traxler’s Combination Package - 2014 Child Support and 2014 Alimony Calculator (New Users)   $475.00
759 The South Carolina Guardian ad Litem’s Toolkit   $90.00
210CSAE Traxler's Combo Package - 2014 Child Support & 2014 Alimony Calculator (Existing Users of Alimony)   $350.00
712 South Carolina Children’s Law Resource Manual   $55.00
762 The Master Agreement for Separation and Divorce   $150.00

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